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Content Marketing is Peter Yorke’s passion and as CEO of Yorke Communications, he and his team have created over 5,000 content artefacts in the last five plus years. Yorke also repurposes content from text to infographics to video.

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Don't waste existing assets : You and your colleagues have taken great pains at creating content, Why waste makes sense to repurpose it and publish fresh, updated content..

Save time: Instead of continuously creating content from scratch, older content can be repurposed quickly and newer content can be repurposed into different formats.

Audience friendly: Content can be repurposed into easy-to-digest formats. Longer content into infographics or into shorter pieces that are tailored to suit different audiences. 



Peter Yorke

CEO, Yorke Communications

Repurposing your content gives you more visibility on different platforms in different formats. Content that has aged can also be redone and brought up to speed with a little effort. If you aren’t doing it already, you are wasting assets. In fact your assets soon will become liabilities.